Surface Tech’s industry-leading terrazzo installation services include epoxy and cementitious terrazzo, precast terrazzo, countertops, benches and splashbacks, logos, repairs and refinishing.


This form of epoxy terrazzo offers the lowest life cycle cost of any existing option on the flooring market. As the leading thin-set system available, thin-set epoxy terrazzo achieves the fastest pour-to-grind installation time and the lowest ongoing maintenance costs. This form of terrazzo flooring provides durability and reliability, with reduced susceptibility to cracking even within its lightweight form.

This flooring solution is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, as well as multistory use. With limitless color options, thin-set epoxy terrazzo provides a high degree of customisation and flexibility.


Cementitious terrazzo is the definitive original terrazzo surface, harkening back to the traditional roots of terrazzo use. Like epoxy terrazzo, cementitious terrazzo provides a wide range of design possibilities, as well as long-lasting durability. This form of terrazzo is suitable for interior and exterior applications alike, remaining unaffected by moisture vapor transmissions and suitable to environments that require breathability. If you’re looking to incorporate traditional, large Venetian chips into your terrazzo design, this is the choice for you.

A wide range of cementitious terrazzo systems are suitable to all kinds of design aesthetics, including rustic terrazzo, bonded terrazzo, polyacrylate terrazzo, monolithic terrazzo, and sand cushion terrazzo.

What are the differences?

If you’re considering epoxy terrazzo or cementitious terrazzo, the main factors to consider are the differences in the material’s thickness and weight. As epoxy terrazzo offers more design choices than cementitious terrazzo, such as a limitless color range and strip geometry, this is also a factor in making decisions based on design needs.

Cementitious terrazzo will also commonly have more maintenance and labor costs when compared to epoxy terrazzo.

Precast Terrazzo Stairs

Achieve unique and fully customized staircases through the use of precast terrazzo. Whether you’re looking for a straight staircase or curved stairs, the design capacities of precast terrazzo means your staircase can take any shape or form. A wide variety in treads and thickness supports even more customisation to build durable and highly aesthetic staircase solutions.