Terrazzo is made through the combination of standard and venetian chips which are set in concrete before they’re polished to achieve a smooth finish. These are then mixed with epoxy (which is available in any color), also incorporating marble, glass, shells and specialty aggregates to achieve customisable and durable flooring solutions.

Our team of experienced design experts work with our clients and partners to find the perfect terrazzo solutions, sourcing materials and advising on color and material choices. We then bring in our expert installers, delivering a complete flooring solution from design through to installation.


Looking to discover the best terrazzo flooring for your project? The Surface Tech team of expert designers is here to assist at every step of the flooring process. Find accurate pricing, customized material recommendations and a complete solution that results in a seamless, beautiful installation.

Our services include:

  • The development of terrazzo specifications
  • Customized terrazzo designs, drawing from all available aggregates and epoxy resin colors
  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Detailed and accurate cost analyses
  • Terrazzo materials resources
  • Complete guidance across the installation process and post-installation maintenance advice