San Francisco

Pre-Cast Terrazzo

We provide complete terrazzo design and installation for commercial and residential flooring in San Francisco.

If you're in search of a striking and distinctive flooring option, terrazzo may be the perfect choice for you. Terrazzo flooring is a premium, high-end flooring solution that is made up of marble, granite, or glass chips set in cement or resin.

This flooring unique option comes in a variety of forms, offering flexibility for each project’s specific requirements. With so many benefits to terrazzo, it’s not hard to understand why it’s one of the most sought-after flooring options available.

At Surface Tec, we offer complete terrazzo design and installation services for both commercial and residential projects. Our team of expert designers will guide you through the entire flooring process, from providing accurate pricing and customized material recommendations to ensuring a seamless, beautiful installation.

With over 2 decades of terrazzo experience and a century of terrazzo legacy, we're a 4th generation terrazzo construction company serving Northern California. Our services include:
• The development of terrazzo specifications
• Customized terrazzo designs, utilizing all available aggregates and epoxy resin colors
• Architectural shop drawings
• Detailed and accurate cost analyses
• Complete support throughout the installation process and post-installation maintenance advice

Trust us to deliver the perfect terrazzo flooring for your project, offering the highest standard in craftsmanship, materials and long-lasting results.